PBS 2: Introduction to Matlab and PsychToolBox

UPDATED: 3 May 5:00pm

This website contains copies of the lecture slides, lecture notes, practical activities, and supervision problem sheets. Follow the links below to access the information.

And remember to check back here at the end of the lectures/practicals because more information may be added later!

If you want to install Matlab on your own computer, you use the Matlab Online (https://matlab.mathworks.com), then you'll be to get a Matlab licence and set up an account with Mathworks. A brief guide on how to do this is available here.


Lecture 1 slides / Lecture 1 Notes

Lecture 2 Slides / Lecture 2 Notes

Lecture 3 Slides / Lecture 3 Notes


How to get the example code for the practicals guide

Practical 1 Slides / Practical 1 Notes

Practical 2 Slides / Practical 2 Notes


Supervision problem sheet / pdf

Advice for supervisors / pdf

Sample exam question

Sample question

Exam handout